Humane’s AI Pin Wants to Free You From Your Phone – Generic English

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An important feature on the Ai Pin is the ability to translate a conversation into another language in real time. With one finger held down on the pin, I could set a language to translate to, such as Mandarin. When I held two fingers down on the pin and spoke a phrase in English, the Ai Pin said it in Mandarin, and vice versa.

I tested this with several other languages, including Spanish, French and Indonesian. I confirmed that the interpreter was usually correct, though with converting English into Mandarin, it incorrectly translated “good morning” into “da jia hao,” which means “hello, everyone.”

Humane is including a feature called Vision on the Ai Pin, which is labeled “beta” to signal that it is unfinished. The device uses its camera and A.I. to analyze your surroundings and give information about what you are looking at. This is what led to my quirky experience with a bagel, which only got weirder when I asked more questions.

I asked the pin how to make the bagel more delicious, and it proceeded to explain how to make bagels from scratch. Eventually, I asked the pin to come up with suggestions for sandwiches that could be made with the bagel. It generated a long list of ideas, including chickpea salad sandwiches, sloppy Joes and cucumber sandwiches with green chutney.

On vacation, I visited a botanical garden and asked the pin to identify a flower. “The flower is yellow with red stripes on the inside,” the pin said. This was correct, but it didn’t answer my question.

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